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Plane of nutrition prepartum alters hepatic gene expression and function in dairy cows as assessed by longitudinal transcript and metabolic profiling. Loor J.J., H.M. Dann, N.A. Janovick-Guretzky, R.E. Everts, R. Oliveira, C.A. Green, N.B. Litherland, S.L. Rodriguez-Zas, H.A. Lewin, and J.K. Drackley. 2006. Physiological Genomics 27:29-41.

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Accelerated expansion of group IID-like phospholipase A2 genes in Bos taurus. Golik M., M. Cohen-Zinder, J.J. Loor, J.K. Drackley, M.R. Band, H.A. Lewin, J.I. Weller, M. Ron and E. Seroussi. 2006. Genomics 87:527-33.

Comparative mapping of cattle chromosome 19: cytogenetic localization of 19 BAC clones. Larkin, D.M., N.M. Astakhova, M.A. Prokhorovich, H.A. Lewin and N.S. Zhdanova. 2006. Cytogenetics and Genome Research 112:235-240.


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