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Identification and chromosomal localization of repeat sequences through BAC end sequence analysis in Korean cattle. Hong J.M., S.H. Chae, N. Oriero, D.M. Larkin, C.B. Choi, J.Y. Lee, H.A. Lewin, J.H. Bae, I. Choi and J.S. Yeo. 2005. Journal of Genetics 84:329-335.

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Detection of quantitative trait loci influencing conformation traits and calving ease in Holstein-Friesian cattle. Ashwell M. S., D.W. Heyen, J.I. Weller, M. Ron, T.S. Sonstegard, C.P. Van Tassell and H.A. Lewin. 2005. Journal of Dairy Science 88:4111-4119.


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