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Consensus and comprehensive linkage maps of bovine chromosome 24. Kurar E., W. Barendse, C.D. Bottema, S. Davis, M. Foster, E. Kalm, S.M. Kappes, A. Kister, H.A. Lewin, H. Klungland, I. Medurogorac, I. Olsaker, W.S. Pitchford, S.M. Schmutz, J. Taylor, H. Thomsen and B.W. Kirkpatrick. 2002. Animal Genetics 33:460-463.

DNA encoded FLT3 ligand and GM-CSF increase dendritic cell recruitment to the inoculation site and enhance antigen-specific CD4+ T cell responses induced by DNA vaccination of outbred animals. Mwangi W., W.C. Brown, H.A. Lewin, C.J. Howard, J.C. Hope, T.V. Baszler, P. Caplazi, J. Abbot and G.H. Palmer. 2002. Journal of Immunology 169:3837-3846.

Major histocompatibility complex class II DR-restricted memory CD4(+) T lymphocytes recognize conserved immunodominant epitopes of Anaplasma marginale major surface protein 1a. Brown W.C., T.C. McGuire, W. Mwangi, K.A. Kegerreis, H. Macmillan, H.A. Lewin and G.H. Palmer. 2002. Infection and Immunity 70:5521-5532.

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Reduced IL-2 and IL-4 mRNA expression in CD4+ T cells from bovine leukemia virus infected cows with persistent lymphocytosis. Amills M., V. Ramiya, J. Norimine, C.A. Olmstead and H.A. Lewin. 2002. Virology 304:1-9.

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Homogeneity of recombination rate within a conserved region of BTA3 that contains QTL. Frank M.T., C. Park, S. Rodriguez-Zas and H.A. Lewin. 2002. Animal Genetics 33:56-60.


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